Are your driveway sealer warranties falling through the cracks?

We thought that we would take a moment to share our thoughts on a “marketing” theme which has become prevalent in our industry. The “Warranty” on driveway sealers.

We realize that consumers tend to purchase products which advertise warranties under the belief that a warranted product must be a better product. Driveway Sealing is a time consuming task so why buy a product with a life expectancy of 3 years when there is one on the market offering 6 years. Seldom do consumers get around to actually reading or acting on the warranty.

Over the last few years, we have run across competitive claims boasting 5 year, 6 year and even 10 year protection. However, further reading of the warranty reveals that many of these warranties contain disclaimers or limitations on what is actually covered. We have seen warranty language with limitations such as: “must be single family residence”, “2 coats required”, “must have original receipt and container”, “ removal of snow & ice will void the warranty”. Also most of these warranties are pro-rated and limited to the amount of material required to remedy the problem area.

These warranties are misleading to the consumer. Is it realistic to sell driveway sealer in the Northeast or Midwest and not allow snow removal? Or keep used pails for 6 years?

We offer a realistic 3 year warranty period on our Polymer Modified Driveway Sealer without all of the disclaimers associated with competitive warranties. If a consumer has a problem within that period, we will visit the job site and resolve the issue in a timely manner. We believe that this is what your customers expected when they read the front of the can and not the limiting liability typical on back panel.

Curb Appeal

CURB APPEAL? …..Time to seal the drive!

The leaves are starting to bud and the last remnants of winter have melted away. It’s the time that many people set their sights on the outside projects designed to beautify and repair their homes. One outside project that is sure to spruce up any home and protect its value is sealing the asphalt driveway that leads up from the curb. It’s a job that most “do-it-yourselfers” can accomplish in one weekend and one which immediately provides a “well maintained” appearance to the home.

The types of Driveway Sealers available to consumers have changed over recent years. For the most part, gone from the market place are the solvent-based sealers due to clean air legislation. Also, the market has shifted away from coal tar- based sealers because of their acrid odor, cost, health concerns, and hazardous environmental profile. In their place are asphalt-emulsion based sealers. We have been fortunate to be a bit ahead of the curve and have been producing asphalt-emulsion based sealers as environmentally friendly alternatives to coal tar for over 15 years.

We manufacture 3 main types of asphalt emulsion sealers:

  1. Asphalt Emulsion Sealer (Product #81270)(Yellow Pail)
  2. Asphalt Emulsion Fill ‘N Seal (Product #81280)(Red Pail)
  3. Polymer Modified Fill ‘N Seal (Product #81290)(Blue Pail)

They provide an effective “ladder” of products to sell as “good”, “better” and “best”. In addition, retail margins can typically be increased on the upper end products.

  • Product #81270 is rubberized and provides good protection while drying to rich matte black surface.
  • Product #81280 has the same attributes as #81270 with the addition a finely graded aggregate to fill and seal small cracks up to 1/8” as well as providing increased traction.
  • Product #81290 builds on the Fill ‘N Seal product by adding polymer to the mix. This increases the wear resistance of the sealer and extends its life 2 to 3 times that of 81270 or 81280. We also recommend this product for commercial pavement or other high traffic areas.

Lastly, pavement repair products such as Crackfiller and Chuckhole Patch provide additional revenue sources for most retailers. They are items which can easily be added-on to most “project materials list” and provide an easy-to-use solution to common pavement problems. Our chuckhole patch is slightly different than most retail products. It stays soft and malleable in the bag and may actually be used in damp conditions Our Liquid Crack Filler is rubberized for increased flexibility and can be used for cracks up to ½” wide.

*Driveway Sealing Tip: On days above 65° F, lighten dampen the driveway prior to sealing. This will cool the driveway to allow additional time for spreading and makes it easier for the sealer to flow into small nooks and crannies.