Green Products

Thinking about jumping on the green bandwagon? It may be easier than you think! More & more, people are looking for an economical way to become a little more environmentally friendly. One easy solution to reduce energy costs is by using Aluminum pigmented roof coatings. For years, asphalt-based roof coatings have been used to protect roof surfaces because of their waterproofing effectiveness and relatively cheap cost. They are touted as “Maintenance Coatings” because of their ability to revitalize and protect roof surfaces thus extending the life cycle. One drawback with most asphalt-based coatings has stemmed from one thing: color.

Asphalt-based coatings are black and they will absorb nearly all the energy of visible and ultraviolet rays that hit them. The result is that roof temperatures on black asphalt roofs can rise to nearly 180-200*F in the summer. This raises interior temperatures and drives up energy costs associated with cooling and makes inside work environments less palatable. The high temperatures also bake out many of the natural protective properties of asphalt more quickly. The addition of aluminum pigment prevents this from occurring and can reduce interior roof temperatures by as much as 27%.

When aluminum is combined with the asphalt, what is produced is an easy-to-use, pliable coating clad by the reflective properties of aluminum metal. The top aluminum surface beautifies the roof, protects the underlying asphalt so it lasts longer, looks better and saves energy! We would expect a typical roof coated to with aluminum roof coating to require re-coating in 7-12 years versus 3-5 years with a black coating. Not only do aluminum roof coatings save on energy costs, but they save your back as well. Bottom line, the next time you need a roof coating, think Aluminum!

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